Finding The Drum Beat With Dance

drum and dance

Some of the dance instruction I do involved a lot of drumming.  Drumming adds that basic beat and our body moves to the beat.  We wanted to add some drumming into the studio where we teach dance and we found some people interested in learning to play the drums.

As I looked online, I came across Spencer Smith’s articles and website to share with some of the members of our dance studio.  We found a few drums online and followed his drum stick guide on finding a few different drum sticks to give us the best results.  Now it is time to learn how to play some basic drum beats.

Learning Some Basic Drumming Techniques

The first thing to getting started with playing the drums after you purchase your equipment is learning to read basic notes.  You don’t have to learn complicated beats, it is just easy to get started with three different notes that will appear on basic sheet music.  I found a website that explains music notes and how to read sheet music much better than I ever could.  Music Nuke explains it best:

When you are looking at sheet music or you are getting instruction from another person, you want to make sure that you understand each notes value.  Starting off with the basics, counting with a bar of 4/4.  This means that you will find 4 quarter notes in the measure.  The quarter note  is what is getting the individual count.  If you are starting out tapping out on your legs, you want to tap 4 equal beats with one of your hands.  This will give you the four beats per measure.  The 4 beats per measure are the quarter notes.

The notes that you will come across are whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes.  There will be other notes that you will run across as well like thirty second and triplets on occasion.  Starting with the whole note and moving down from there you will be breaking up the beats per measure.  So say if you have eighth notes in a bar then you would have 8 notes per measure.  When tapping out the beat or keeping track of how many notes you will have to count on the down beat as well as the up.  So when counting eighth notes you want to count off 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 while playing a note on the “and” as well as the number.   Read the rest here:


Youtube Video on How To Play Drums With Your Hands:

Getting started with drums is easier than you think.  We have included a few videos in this article that you can follow along with.  These are basic beats to get you started and feel comfortable behind the drum.  After we have a basic idea of rhythm we will be playing with music and dance.

Here is a video that will help anyone learn basic drum beats.  This is great way to learn how to play different drums at one time.  Learning limb independence is huge when learning.  Keeping good rhythm will be important through all of this.  Just remember that someone is dancing to a beat so it should remain consistent.

Video on keeping a basic beat:

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